The Ultimate Food Photography PS Actions – The Autumn Fed Collection

The SL Spoon, wants to present the ultimate Photoshop actions for virtual food photography for the season. This is The Autumn Fed Collection, a beautiful series of Photoshop actions that enhances the image of virtual food quality in beautiful autumn tones.

The secret in the sauce is the “editing” and we have the recipe. If you’re looking for your virtual food to stand out and enhance your blogging decor images, The Autumn Fed Collection can help. The collection is focused on warm color tones, browns and toasty reds while giving you depth and realism to your food decor for this season.

Spend less time on editing and get the results you want with a click. Learn to create depth and realism within your images without losing quality. Create a consistent social media presences with autumn color tones that can work on almost all images.

Discover what’s inside!

 Autumn Tones

Pumpkin Spice – Is a delicious warm orange color Hue, with hints of brown! This action will serve you best on all decor, food and autumn landscapes. It instantly makes any image get autumn hue but really looks toasty on brown colors.

Apple Pie – Pastel, bright and red Photoshop action that is intended to work on all colors but red as the dominant. It has a pastel red undertone and blends well on creamy desserts like pies, cherry’s or vibrant beverages.

Candy Apple – Need a change in mood? Then you need Candy Apple. With deep brown & red undertones this action brings a true deep mood to food photography as well as landscape.

Hazel Nut – This action is all about keeping your food clean, creamy and soft. Hazelnut is lovely and provides a true to color with brown undertones and serves well on white backgrounds like kitchen counter tops, plates or table top decor.


2 Realism Brushes

Food Realism – Bring out the realism in your images with this action. You’ll be able to paint directly onto your virtual food & decor that would make it pop from the pages.

Food Glaze – From creamy icing, to slippery syrup bring the glaze on your food to life with this power action. Allow your food to glow!


1 Background Scenery Brush

Food Scenery – Want moody edges or deepen a shadow? Food scenery is the action to do it. It is a duo action which allows you to either create depth white also highlighting the main subject.



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