We might be frozen in but Dutchie has you covered for an “ice” latte literally. The price board has everything you need for the holiday season. From coffee to cappuccinos and even a cup of espresso, it’ll be impossible not to make a decision. Don’t feel like standing in line? Take home your own serving tray that actually distributes coffee/tea from the french press. Plus if the french press isn’t enough Dutchie also has a decor coffee machine in multiple colors that would truly fit your any season! Hurry, our stand is open for the winter but the lines are always long. Drink up with Dutchie now!!!


Dutchie tray with black coffee (home/small inside) li 5

Dutchie chalkboard bar price list li 1

Dutchie Tea

Dutchie Coffee

Dutchie color change vintage coffee machine

ROIRO – Cafe counter

35_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Picket Fence 1-3 – Gacha

+Half-Deer+ Glittering Icicles – Long – 2* Small

+Half-Deer+ Snow Tracks – Patch (Light)

+Half-Deer+ Glittering Icicles – Long – 3* Medium

CP – Winter Tree with Lights C

Pewpew! Frozen Refuge Brown RARE – Gacha –

(Milk Motion) snow pine – 6

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