Something is hot in the oven and PewPew Original Flavor has us covered. We’re eating delicious pizza in the autumn season featuring two different types of pies; Pepperoni & a Mozzarella Cheese! Not to mention we cooked it ourselves. PewPew Original Flavor gave us the oven to do so. The oven comes in multiple colors to fit your personality. Looking through the gorgeous glass of the oven you can see the pizza’s bubbling with a sync animation. Want to get a closer look? The glass door of the oven opens! You can even remove the pies and place them on your table or on your favorite cutting board to serve up beautifully! What are you waiting for? Go have that pizza party!!

Photo was edited with The Autumn Collection by TSS

Featured Products

Pewpew! Pizza Yellow Oven – Animated Decor

Pewpew! Pizza Yellow Oven – Solo Decor

Pewpew! Pizza Yellow Oven – Static Decor

Pewpew! Animated Pizza – Peperoni

Pewpew! Animated Pizza – Mozzarella

NOMAD // Phalaenopsis – Gacha

HPMD* MakeMesses!-Dried Flower- yellow*j

Hanging Vine Long – Small 4

Hanging Vine Long_Column Small

Nutmeg. Cloth Plaid

Dutchie cutting board with knife

D-LAB Pizza kiln (indoor)

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