Presenting ” The Baking Beauty Collection” Winter Actions for Food Decor & You! [NEWLY RELEASED]

A Winter Wonderland is almost here. The SL Spoon wants to present The Baking Beauty Collection. Photoshop actions not only for delicious holiday treats but you too! Step into the frame with this collection. Model with the food decor around you, experience a pack of beauty content at a click and jump start your creativity with ease.

Offering 6 Holiday Tones that are not only for food photography but are skin tone friendly as well. Make your snow whites, whiter or add snow easily with our snow overlays in 3 different effects: Dust, Chill or Blizzard. Thats not all! We provide you with Light in this pack. You’ll be able to get gorgeous sunglares in sunkiss glow and a blue winter wonderland.

Now what about you? We got you covered…literally. Our Beauty Palette will save you time and keep your skin glowing during this cold season. Prime & Tone to boost your avatars complexion. Apply a sheer tinted moisturizer for a light skin smoothing coverage or go heavy with a foundation. Lets not forget to contour & highlight with our cream sticks to give some definition and depth to your avatars complexion. When you’re all complete seal the deal with our Pore Perfecter Pressing Powder to bring back skin texture and add realism.

Thats not all! Our avatars hair could use some work right? Apply our clip in extensions to add already premade strands in over 8 color families 10 hues in each category. Blend seamlessly, stack them to create a deeper effect, give yourself highlights or even an ombre effect. No more hair drawing when you’re in a time crunch, we did the work for you! Fill in your bangs, frame your hair and even use wispy strands in straight, curly, or wavy. Change the color easily!

Now you can eat pretty!

(Paired with The Autumn Fed Collection to get a scenery brush and food realism effect to your food! Use both to truly make it impactful.)

Whats Inisde?

—————— Winter Colored Actions ——————

Chimney – Rustic White, Brown & Matte

Marshmallow – Clean White & Soft

Frostbite – Deep Brown & Chill

Firewood – Rustic Brown & Moody Reds

Oven – Matte Brown , Pastel Red, Tan

Background Scenery Brushes

Snow White – Make your whites whiter (Brush on)

—————— Beauty ——————

Eye Drops – Clearer Eyes (Brush On)

Skin Primer – Skin Boost (Brush On)

Tinted Moisturizer – Sheer Skin Smoothing Coverage (Brush On)

Foundation – Full Coverage Skin Smoothing (Brush On)

Contour & Highlight Cream – Skin Definition & Depth (Brush On)

Pore Prefecter Powder – Add Skin Texture Realism (Brush On)

——————-ADD ONS——————–

30 Different Types Of Hair Strands

3 Snow Overlays

3 Light Overlays



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