Coffee To Go With Dutchie Cafe

I got my hands on Dutchie’s “Red Brick Cafe” and if you’re all about exterior & interior decorating, not afraid of some landscaping then it is a foodies inventory staple!

This gorgeous 3 Story Red Brick Cafe, comes with the option to have it furnished or unfurnished. From my photos below you can see I took both options! I played with some landscaping, while also keeping a clean upscale cafe dining atmosphere with the furnished options for the interior.

This cafe offers something you can use if you’re also looking to dive into running your own foodie business. It can be, anything and more. The interactions with the furnishings allows for entertainment, drinks and casual relaxation.

I could see Dutchies Red Brick Cafe as an Internet Cafe, with laptops, food and more. It can become a very imaginative experience that allows your creativity to come alive.

See for yourself how I used it!


Make sure you visit Dutchies Website to find out so much more about the cafe!

  • Dutchie Red Brick Cafe Building LI:113
  • Dutchie animated coffeecup LI:4
  • Dutchie art deco bar lights LI:6
  • Dutchie awning no text LI:2
  • Dutchie awning with text LI:11
  • Dutchie cafe table LI:1
  • Dutchie cafe table with tulips LI:5
  • Dutchie color change tulips LI:2
  • Dutchie enamel advertising signs LI:2
  • Dutchie mesh curtains LI:4
  • Dutchie stage lights LI:12
  • Dutchie vintage barstool 1 LI:2
  • Dutchie vintage barstool 2 LI:2
  • Dutchie vintage cafe bar LI:73
  • Heart – Window Box 1 – Blue Lilac – C/M LI:8
  • Heart – Window Box 1 – Turquoise White – C/M LI:9
  • Heart – Window Box 1 – Yellow Red – C/M LI:7
  • Heart Summer Hanging Basket – White-Yellow LI:4
  • Make Panda 03 Bluem (Resizer) LI:3
  • Vintage Summer Car – Yellow LI:6
  • [Bad Unicorn] Florence Fence – Large Fence – A LI:2
  • .:B1:. Red Brick Front LI:14
  • .:B1:. Red Brick Top LI:3
  • .:B1:. Red Brick Trim LI:1
  • .:B1:. White Brick Top LI:2
  • :Fanatik Architecture: LISBON Straight B LI:3
  • Botanical – Street Tree Grate (Square Concrete Edge) LI:2
  • {what next} Bailey Rug #3 LI:3
  • Mossu – Louis.Pants – Beige – Belleza Jake
  • [ hoorenbeek ] Norfolk Shoes – Belleza Jake
  • Mossu – Louis.Shirt – Sky – Belleza Jake

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