Cooking In Eclipse Magazine!

With the relaunch of TheSlSpoon, I am so excited to share the news I’ve been sitting on for weeks. I am cooking in Eclipse Magazine! This is huge!

I will be doing a monthly feature called The Kitchen Corner in Eclipse Magazine. I will be sharing recipes with you in each issue that will fill up your bellies and keep you creative so you can bring my cuisine to your kitchens!

If you’re not familiar with Eclipse Magazine (everyone is), it is one of the biggest magazines in Secondlife that features events, bloggers, controversial topics and the latest buzz in the community.

If you want to know what to buy, where to go, what to eat (I have that covered) Eclipse Magazine won’t disappoint you. This months recipe is one of my favorites, I’ve done.

Whats on the menu in the magazine this month is one of my favorite Recipe!

It is an Edamame Fried Rice (you can get creative with a bit of seafood and dive into an Edamame Seafood Fried Rice)!

This recipe to me screams Asian Cuisine with a bit of flair. It is innovative and definite can be a full meal or work as a side dish or appetizer to your guest.

Want to see the recipe for yourself! Please visit Eclipse Magazine to dive right in! Let me know what you think!!

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