Foodie Gymrats Stop Drinking Crappy Protein Shakes, Drink This Instead!

Hey Foodies!

I just started my gym training with the [SML] Training Hud! So, I wanted to dive into the protein shakes involved and pretty much tell you all what I’ve been using to help me with my stats and goals. Plus its delicious!

If you do not know what [SML] Training is, it is a workout regimen that helps you gain rewards, gain gold to buy protein shakes which helps you meet levels. I would consider it a realistic way to give your avatars a hobby when you have some downtime in world.

Lets not make this post about what [SML] Training is! If you want to chat about it and learn more, hit me up personally!

Getting into the Protein shakes!

You get protein shakes within the [SML] Training Hud, as you work out! However, I had to get my hands on something different. Something that was going to not only help me recover after a workout but be delicious as well!

I searched all over, for quality and effective ingreidents for recovery! The only thing that came close was Thrist Activ Whey Supplement!

I would recommend not only picking up there protein powder but the shaker bottle for easy blending!


  • Chocolate (I have this one)
  • Vanilla
  • Banana
  • Strawberry

Thrist Activ Whey Supplement came in many different flavors. I picked up the chocolate and it was fucking amazing (excuse my french).

Blending & Use

I got the blending bottle as well with the protein powder. I recommend getting both, for easy blending. You just toss the powder in the bottle with 16oz of water and shake and go. Easy for me to make in my car in the gym parking lot and have it ready to go after a few reps!

If you do not choose to get the blending bottle, be ready to stir with a spoon or something else which is a lot of cleanup! (Just get the blender bottle!) Plus if you get the blending bottle it comes with a rezzable & handheld version! The handheld version comes with a well done animation of you actually consuming the drink. Great for roleplay after a gym workout!

Credits (These items are gacha)

THIRST-01 ACTIV Protein Powder-Chocolate

THIRST-06 ACTIV Blender Bottle-Grey

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