My Top 10 Go To Brands For Cheat Day Meals!

Some days I just feel like pulling up to the drive through and getting me the most unhealthy thing ever! Everyone needs a cheat day meal!

When it comes to the most greasiest, fast food on the grid I tend to gravitate to certain brands who don’t disappoint. They fulfill my craving, regardless of the extra calories and they become a staple in my weakly meal plan!

If you need quick bite to eat, and dont care about the calories these are My Top 10 Go To Brands For Cheat Day Meals!

10 *Tentacio* – All about the quality while quenching your taste buds. Tentacio carry’s more than just food, but you can find those hidden gems that are going to give you quality over quantity! If you’re looking for food that isn’t going to lose its flair and quality. Tentacio is your go to place!

9 Dust Bunny – This brand gives me a sweet n savory tooth. When I head to Dust Bunny, I go from cheat meal to cheat day. I can have a donut with my coffee in the morning with this brand and come back later for something thats more savory for dinner.

8 +Half-Deer+ – When I go to Half Deer I rarely go for food, but when I see food here…I always pick it up. (The food in the photo above is Half-Deer btw). When Half Deer does food, it always gives you something you havent seen done the same way. I love Half Deer for its innovative collection of bites! Wanna stand out? Go to half deer!

7 Aphrodite Shop – You can find everything for your kitchen at Aphrodite Shop! This shop tailors to a lot of food, within a theme. I’m going to get more for my money when I come to Aphrodite’s shop. You might spend more, but you’re also going to get more. Having a house welcoming party or a bbq? You can pick up those unhealthy bites here (or healthy) and also some interior design decor to match!

6 [CINOE] – I’m new to Cinoe! Everything at this store is beautifully well executed. Cinoe not only offers food, but its interactive. Even on noncheat days, Cinoe is something you’ll want to have in your fridge. The textures, the packaging and quality Cinoe gives you all of that with reasonable prices. This is one of the only stores I’ll ever buy a fatpack off when it comes to food! You dont only want to pick and find at Cinoe, you’ll want everything.

5 ::::ChicChica:::: – I always say ChicChica is my on the go cheat day meals! The products are not only high in calories but you can pose with them. They arent soley “Decor” which makes them amazing amongst other things. If i’m leaving the gym, or running errands you best believe on that cheat day I got some ChicChica in my hands.

4 Pewpew – This brand has some of the best pizza on the grid. No really, it does! If you’re looking to make your own stuff (like pizza) go to Pew Pew! Everytime I want to make Pizza, I pull out my Pew Pew ovens and pair it with one of their overly sweet desserts. You dont come to PewPew for those healthy bits, you come to be fulfilled.

3 O.M.E.N – I’ve been eating a lot of Omen this summer, and I tend to get everything this brand releases when food in involved. Omens dishes are always things I haven’t seen. So not only are they one of a kind, they arent thought of by the masses. From Vegan meals, to out door bbq Omen is going to do it well and I never regret my purchases!

2 HighGod – When I think of take out, I think of HighGod! I wished HighGod gave me more food, because every time they come out with a dish….its a staple! They offer you take out food, thats fast food but on a tray. So you arent getting fast food that sits on a pretty plate. No, HighGod is going to give you fast food/take out food on what its suppose to come with; a foam tray, a wrapper. No pretty dishes here and when I’m eating fast food, I dont want pretty.

1 Junk Food – This one has to be self explanatory! Junk Food puts the “cheat” in cheat day meals! It is the ultimate place on the grid for those unhealthy, memorable snacks you had when you were a kid. Junk Food has everything and I mean….everything. From chips, to stove top ramen or to go meals; you better go to Junk Food. JunkFood contains “Junk Food” in every meal staple. You can have a honeybun for breakfast, pizza for lunch/dinner and eat some as a late night snack topped with a soda.

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