The Relaunch: Starting A Food Blog (Again)?!

I’ve been here before. You probably remember?

I’ve had a food blog I started last year that was doing well for itself as a beginner. It was my first Secondlife blog and I fell into the trap of making it calculated, unemotional while sticking to blogging rules that gave me a rut and I eventually burnt out.

My passion was still there but my focus was lost. While I did love what I produced and some of the brands I was lucky enough to work with, I wasn’t smitten with the work I was forcing myself to do.

I simply didnt love it.

I took sponsorship’s I really didnt want sometimes and blogged things that didn’t excite me and got lost in “having” to do it and I forgot, why I started.

So, I took a pause. Got some fresh air! You know how it is, having to truly step back and analyze the direction you wanted to go in? So I threw out the rules that restricted my creativity. I ended the online shop the blog came with and got back to why I wanted to blog!

I love food!

If there is anything I dived deep into on Secondlife more than anything, it was that. Most importantly I loved how food unleashed my creativity in the kitchen. It gave me a drive that would sometimes keep me focused for hours. My passion runs deep for it.

So I decided to relaunch The SL Spoon after almost a half of year away and a much needed brainstorming to gather myself. Allowing myself to breathe into what I wanted my food blog to be…..passionate.

Moving foward, lets talk about the relaunch and all the changes that has came with it.

Whats new?

  • New Branding! The SL Spoon has a much needed clean, minimalist logo and website functionality! Easy navigation with an actual way to find how to follow the food blog (something the old website was lacking). Here Click It!
  • It Has Became More Personable! This one hits deep for me. You’ll know about the man behind the blog without some invisible “team” in the foreground. I am much more open to showing a bit of character behind valuable content this time. Expect my usual humor, hungry man post that sometimes can get a bit personal! Sharing is caring. Food, Vibes….everything.
  • A Secret Partnership! I cant talk much about this one yet, but I am working with an amazing creative person in the community food related wise to offer monthly content with them that I’m sure you’ll know about it once it releases and I’ll be sure to talk about it later in the month!
  • Food Directory Restart! I know the food directory is empty! With a relaunch why not a fresh start? The Directory would hold all of the food I’ve reviewed by brand, foodie destinations by as well as restaurants by star rating! Easier browsing than scrolling endlessly for what you’re seeking. You’re welcome! 😉

With so much content under my belt, I’m anxious to get started again. The support system I’ve had from close family and friends has made the anticipation even more exciting for me. So I hope to see you back here in a few days so we could get our journey started together!

Say hello!

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  • [Cinoe] Festival night – Hot sake
  • [Cinoe] Festival night – Mentaiko Omelet (Normal)
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  • [Cinoe] Festival night – Cold tofu (Experience)
  • [Cinoe] Festival night – Yakitori (Normal)
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