Time For Some Kitchen Remodeling

Being a foodie & food blogger I’m always shooting the next thing that is going in my belly.

However, navigating my kitchen is a pain. It is extremely unorganized. I never know where things are when I need them. It hinders my ability to enjoy what I am creating and go with the flow.

So being the creative, handy man that I am, I remolded my kitchen!

I demolished the surface walls, did some electrician for my appliances and even refurnished the cabinets with some good ole paint and gloss coating.

Everything is more gormandized and beautiful! The red is very dominant, sleek and fits my personality completely.

Why you should remodel your kitchen!?

You can make your kitchen if any space? Apartment, condo, single family home? The pieces in this set truly allows you to get customization and the perfect fit in any space.

Change the colors, make an island, heck you can even reuse the double sink and do a standalone piece in your laundry room.

I cannot wait to start shooting here!

Want to remodel your own kitchen? Check out the credits below!



* Kitchen Counter [dishwasher] 6prims
* Kitchen Counter [triple] 3prims
* Kitchen Counter [double] 3prims
* Kitchen Counter [lonely] 2prims
* Kitchen Counter [drawers] 1prim
* Kitchen Counter [corner] 4prims
* Kitchen Counter [sink] 15prims
* Coating Wood [2 sizes] 1prim

FamilyHUB [dark] Mix

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