A Taste Of Little Kenya!

Hey Foodies! I am back with my first restaurant review on a beautiful spot on the mainland called “Little Kenya”!

What is Little Kenya?

Little Kenya, is a small cozy self hosted restaurant on the mainland, that is easy to miss due to its size. However, this hidden gem might be rare to the eye, its beauty is hard to forget once discovered. Little Kenya, is a space of greenery, animistic inspired with a touch of Africa on its menu.


Little Kenya welcomes you with a bridge headed up to its dining area. The interior decor is inviting with its hostess booth greeting you with everything you need to get started. On the hostess desk you’ll find a menu to what you can expect when you begin dining.

Whats On The Menu?

You can find a menu hud for everything you need on the Little Kenya Hostess booth in the entrance. The hud has food from all over African and we had our favorites! Read more about our dinning experience.

Our Dining Experience?

Little Kenya, was a place where I wanted to take my wife. It was the right date night for us to experience and truly bond over a lovely evening.

We arrived to Little Kenya, from driving on the mainland! However, there is no rezzing at this lovely spot, but if you wanted to park your own car there is a rez zone HERE!

We grabbed our own menus from the hostess booth within entry and decided to take our seats by some hidden gems! (I’ll go more into this a bit later)! With our menus open and our seats selected, as self hosted guest we looked selectively over the menu.

We started our choices with our drinks! While there are many options to choose from (See the menu above!) I decided to go with a Margarita and my wife had a delicious Daiquiri!

Our Entrees were fulling and the food was such big portions we even had some left to take home. I dived into the Moroccan Fish, and my wife had Oxtails with Rice.

Concluding our Desserts we both shared a Coconut Ice Cream!

Hidden Gems!

So, talking about those Hidden Gems I mentioned! Little Kenya, has such beautiful interior decor you might see some African Theme animals for you to find. I wont give them all away, but our favorite was literally dining with an Elephant! Can you find them all?!


I am giving Little Kenya 5 Stars! It stayed on theme, I felt like I was truly diving into African Cuisine and I loved that me and my wife could find this beautiful place on the mainland!


Visit Little Kenya


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