Asharhia – Secondlife’s 1st Food Service! (UPDATED)

With all the food reviews I’ve shared with you; I’m always pushing the envelope to find the next innovative food related thing to put in front of my audience.

I have to introduce you to Asharhia! Asharhia is a Travel Agency & they own food service named RHIAM’S that delivers food from the different countries they host to your front door! Yes, thats right; it is a food service here in secondlife.

You order food from their website, and the company packages your meals beautifully fresh and sends them your way. If you’re not all about the roleplay experience and want your meals right away, they also offer their food service directly from their markeplace off of the Secondlife website.

Lets Talk About The Website

When you first go to you’re given the companies whole experience. You can Book a room to one of their destinations or get their food service from the top menu called Foods of The World now called Rhiam! !

Immediately you begin your food service experienced by reading all about what they offer and the food from their destinations (which they’re always updating).

The Countries You’ll Be Eating From Thus Far

  • Kenya
  • Tahiti
  • Bahamas
  • Dominican

How Much Does It Cost?

One thing I want to make very clear is RHIAM’S is subscription free. You pay per meal. As a foodie, I do hope RHIAM’S decides to add a subscription to their website. Being able to constantly be given food from around the world monthly for a monthly fee would be awesome. However, not many people want that experience so the meals are all per pay.

All of their meals is only 350L! For that price you’re given one meal from the country of your choice. Each meal is Mod, No Copy & No Transfer. Comes with a beautiful package for freshness with their business logo. (You can now also pay by paypal since the update!)

My Personal Experience

(I would like to say this post is sponsored! All opinions is 100% my own nonetheless!)

When I ordered the meals from their website; it sent me to the owners facebook page. That is very easy for you to automatically be given direct communication with the business owner. Its no fuss, no waiting for a confirmation to get your meals. Its bam, wham and you’re waiting for delivery.

I think it would be so cool if RHIAM’S gave the option to fill in a google doc form for more roleplay, with delivery instructions. I know for a fact I would have given my home location; the owner rez rights and loved if she left it at my door with instructions if I wasn’t available or of their delivery drivers.

The Meals I received were online and delicious! Connecting with the owner was so easy; she was friendly and easy to communicate with about everything I needed to know about my meals. She sent me a detail explanation about the meals I was going to be receiving!

If you do not want to connect with the owner you again may purchase the meals directly from their marketplace if you cannot wait!

    This delicious, melt-in-your–mouth dish consists of raw tuna marinated in lime juice and coconut milk, mixed with diced vegetables. Served in half coconut.
    These delicious chops are braised using a marinade of sherry, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, maple syrup, and oregano. Browned in a skillet over fire then placed in a hot oven to cook until they melt of the bone with an exotic flavour.
    Cooked with onions, tomato,carrot and potato and beef into average hunks.its spicy and hot(not always) spices used paprika chilli.
    Served with Ugali, a combination of boiled water n maize flour, cooked to about 10-15mins.
    Conch fritters are a seafood dish popular in and around the Caribbean islands, particularly around the Bahamas. The fritters are made using finely chopped conch meat mixed with a batter made from flour and egg, and then deep fried in oil.

The packaging is beautiful! I really loved that; it wasnt all prepped in a big box! It made me feel my meals were truly cared for in its delivery food bags. Unpacking the meals were easy and I loved that they were Mod. It was easy for me to make my portions appear big or small! Which is even better for roleplay.

Once unpacked the meals came with; a beautiful placement that would go great on most tables. It comes with drinks, silverware to eat your meals on a beautiful plate. You’re ready to dive in once unpacking. No need to get your own dishes. I loved that!

Some people might complain that the meals arent copyable; but thats the point of business! I want to pay more for my experience for each portion. If I decided to have a dinner party and didnt want to cook; in real life you will pay per meal. Thats roleplay, thats the experience you’re paying for.

The meals are also identifiable and exotic. I know that if I want something different and dont feel like cooking, Asharhia wont fail me. They’re going to give me something I want and havent thought of before.

I can’t wait until they get more countries so I can experience those meals as well!

Would I recommend this food service?

Yes! The foods were beautiful, the roleplay is exciting and the customer service was absolutely amazing. The owner had patience and was easy to communicate with. Plus they’re always improving. The meals are also one of a kind. Meaning you cant get them outside of this service. Worth it!

Go dive in with Asharhia


After writing my review Asharhia made some amazing changes to their website. The improvement was instant and I appreciate

Website –

Mp –

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