Thats A Big Package!

Hey Foodies, its been awhile.

While I haven’t blogged in a while, you might have seen my post on social media! Nonetheless there is a big reason for that.

I was waiting on my new Waffle Maker to arrive by D-Lab! Along side the product ingredients from Andika to make the waffles and for toppings!

I finally got to try it out, and if you haven’t gotten yours, you can pick yours up at Uber!

The Waffle Maker comes in two designs, for either square or oval shaped waffles. It is very sleek and beautiful quality. It opens to touch, and easy to use. Please me aware that the waffle maker also comes alongside a waffle cart if you’re interested in roleplaying to sell your own. I will not be going into too much detail about that, but I would recommend getting it!

What really stands out to me about this product is, the quality. I placed it in my kitchen and it doesnt take up too much room. It isnt static so its not sitting open on my counter being very distracting.

I do wish it would have cooked waffles, that would have been cool. However, its not really needed to make this product fantastic. I think I enjoy that I could buy other products to fulfill that need. It was better for roleplay.

I would give gift this product to other foodies, and it did not disappoint me in making a staple in my kitchen. I loved it!

  • D-LAB Waffle maker N LI:1
  • andika Chocolate sauce Set-A LI:1
  • andika Chocolate sauce Set-B LI:1
  • andika Chocolate sauce Set-C LI:1
  • andika Chocolate sauce Set-D LI:2
  • andika Chocolate sauce Set-E LI:1
  • andika Chocolate sauce Set-F LI:1
  • andika Chocolate sauce Set-G LI:2
  • andika Chocolate sauce Set-I LI:1
  • andika Waffle Bar- freezer/icecream LI:1
  • andika Waffle Bar- refrigerator/ Waffle dough LI:1
  • andika Waffle Bar-disher set1 LI:1
  • andika Waffle Bar-disher set3 LI:1
  • andika Waffle Bar-disher set4 LI:1
  • andika Waffle Bar-disher set5 LI:1
  • andika shelf decorSet-A LI:1
  • andika shelf decorSet-B LI:1
  • andika shelf decorSet-C LI:1
  • andika shelf decorSet-D LI:1
  • andika Waffle sandwich-A LI:1

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