I Enjoyed A Yakiniku Experience!

Yakiniku is a Japanese grilling meat table top experience! It can be consider Japanese BBQ where you indulge in bite size pieces of meat (usually beef) and grill on table top.

I finally got to experience it myself with a complete buffet style by Taikou and let me tell you; you need it.

The set comes in PG or an Adult version. Equited with a lovely Japanese style table & chairs (in light or dark colors) that are interactive within the version you choose.

The interactive grill with the set is able to turn the steam & fire function on or off! The texture designs on the grill is are very realistic and detailed. The metal looks like metal, and the chrome of the grill really made me feel like my experience was expensive! The grill comes with two versions with different types of meat!

The meals are very filling! The tonkatsu & yakiniku meals sits on a bamboo placemat with sauces and rice.

What really did it for me with this set is the chopsticks that came with it! I was not expecting the chopsticks to be wearable and interactive. You can choose to eat or hold the meat within the 3 types of chopstick items.

I wont give too much away, because I want you to go an experience the set for yourself but there is so much to be discovered. Taikou is now officially one of my favorite food stores on the grid!

 Yakiniku & Tonkatsu set can be found at anthem, while the tea set I complimented my experience with is at Taikou mainstore!

Photo Credits
taikou / chopsticks (katsu) {wear} // {click for animation}
taikou / chasen // whisk LI:1
taikou / chawan // tea bowl LI:1
taikou / futa-oki & hishaku // ladle rest & ladle LI:1
taikou / shichirin (tonkatsu) {click to interact} LI:2
taikou / tonkatsu meal LI:4
taikou / wooden dining chair (dark) {texture change} [PG] LI:2
taikou / wooden dining table (dark) LI:1
taikou / yakiniku meal LI:2
taikou / zaru udon dipping sauce LI:1

Dutchie mesh curtains LI:2
Soy. Shag Round Rug w. texture changer LI:1

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  1. Katien Erin says:

    Amazing post. It makes me want to try these. Now I’m hungry.

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