Meet The Blogger

Hey Foodie, I’m Mac! I am here to inspire you on the grid to eat more and enjoy more of everything food related in Secondlife!

Join me as we experience different foods from a variety of countries around the grid. We’ll dive into monthly events together all while finding a common bond over food! Im going to give you the scoop on what and where to eat as I throw out 5 Stars to the best restaurant joints in SecondLife. With my camera battery always charged and my tummy never full, I’ll be sharing my experiences through my lens and sometimes in my own kitchen as I show off my own recipes (trust me I’m Italian).

While you’re here, you can follow me to stay updated and dip your fingers into The SL Spoon Food Directory! Its the quickest way to browse by brand on their latest grubs to find what you’re looking for. Like what you see? Drop a comment or reach me through my Work With Me, lets chat food. I welcome collabs with other food lovers and brands, so if you have some ideas I’d love to hear it!

Andiamo a mangiare!